The movement
of People, HCL add value
to all the movement.
HCL is a fair and transparent ecosystem
that returns forgotten individual values to individuals


Experience the expansion of HCL. Expanding the ecosystem through collaboration with various partners increases the value of participants. Discover the value of fast-growing HCL.


We provide integration of diverse ecosystem participants.
The integration of Web2 and Web3 creates new value for existing and new industries and provides the generated value to participants.


We create new values for a variety of activity that existed before, but were not able to create new values. Meet true ownership of your every activity.


We provide reliable evidence and results to all participants. The activity of all participants provided produces comprehensible results through an unchangeable and reliable environment.


HCL provides a dual token system to protect the value of participants. Establish the direction of participants' ecosystem through governance tokens and meet a variety of services, including rewards for participants' value through utility tokens.

Details Tokenomics


Experience HCL's services. HCL's services are divided into three categories: Integration, Reliability, Re-creativity. All services interact organically for ecosystem growth.

Swap & Bridge

Provides the exchange of various assets that make up the ecosystem. Experience user-friendly service based on AMM method.

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Provide asset liquidity in the ecosystem and receive rewards. Experience pool provider services to build a healthy ecosystem.

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Stake your assets and earn continuous rewards for ecosystem health. Experience reward services based on ecosystem royalties.

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Ecosystems provide additional rewards for various activities: NFT combinations, enhancements, and Dapp activities through NFTs. Experience HCL's NFT.

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Market Place

Provide marketplace for self trading of HCL NFTs. Meet NFTs of Ecosystem in a variety of ways

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Rewards are provided through the various quests/quiz that make up the HCL. The data generated through participants' experiences is used for ecosystem growth and experience the rewards that arise from growth.

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Taglo is a high-speed logistics platform using public transportation. Join Taglo and get your reward.


Join us on the journey of HCL. HCL is on its journey to deliver the value of all movement.

Details Roadmap
Launching Website/Whitepaper
Issuing HCL
Launching Social Media
Growing Social Media
Initial Issuing of HWIK
Hwik Circle Layer Protocol
Alpha version Release
Launching Quest 1.0 Service
Launching 1st Dapp ‘Taglo’
Issuing of HWIK
Launching NFT service
Launching Staking Pool
Launching LP Service
Listing on Exchange Market
Launching service of
Swap & Bridge


Meet our partners on HCL's journey!


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하바, 인센티브 플랫폼 휙서클레이어와 인터체인 기술 연동 파트너십 체결

HCL은 블록체인 기술을 기반으로 사람, 물류, 자산, 데이터 등을 포함한 ‘이동’에 가치를 제공하는 플랫폼입니다. 다양한 가상자산 생태계들에게 현실과의 통로를 제공하고, 통로에서 발생하는 이동의 가치를 생태계 구성원들에게 제공하는...

휙고, 교통카드 결제형 공유PM 서비스 시범 운영

스마트모빌리티 플랫폼업체인 휙고는 '공유PM(Personal Mobility, 전동킥보드 등 개인형이동수단)용 교통카드 결제 서비스'를 시범 운영한다고 21일 밝혔다. 이번 시범 운영은 휙고가 교통결제정산업체인 로카모빌리티와 함께 개발한...

위메이드, 스마트 모빌리티 플랫폼 기업 휙고에 투자

G유플러스(대표 황현식)는 스마트 모빌리티 플랫폼 전문 기업 휙고(대표 이강휘·홍시현)와 초정밀측위(Real Time Kinematic, 이하 RTK) 기반 공유 퍼스널 모빌리티 사업 업무협약을 체결했다고 16일 밝혔다. 초정밀측위란 이동통신과 기준국을...

교통카드 ‘캐시비’ 운영사 ㈜로카모빌리티와 ‘태그로’ 공동사업...

도시철도와 소화물 물류서비스를 결합, 누구든지 택배를 옮기면 대중교통 요금에 상당하는 보상을 받을 수 있는 신개념 스마트 물류 서비스가 부산광역시에서 시작된다. 휙비트에 따르면 모빌리티 기반 물류 플랫폼 기업 ‘㈜휙비트’는...